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Great Italian Chefs iOS app

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Great Italian Chefs iOS app

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Great Italian Chefs iOS app

on iPad and iPhone


Representing the regional diversity of Italian cuisine, each of our twenty-six Great Italian Chefs share some of their most delicious recipes


With stunning photography shot on location in working kitchens, each recipe includes clear ingredients, steps and great tips from our chefs


From family trattorias to modern fine dining, vegan menus to seafood celebrations, the very best of contemporary Italian cooking is available at your fingertips


Recipes to impress

Italy has long been recognised as a country of culinary greatness. While the modern day food scene is bursting with talent, innovation and effortless elegance, there remains a strong connection to the history and cooking traditions which have been passed down through the generations.

With twists on classic dishes alongside spectacular culinary innovations, our chefs have brought together a fantastic collection of recipes from their restaurant kitchens. Learn about the world class produce Italy has to offer and discover more about the style and specialities from each region, bringing the exciting world of Italian fine dining into your own kitchen at home.

Learn how to cook the perfect risotto with a recipe from the Costardi brothers, specialists in the art of preparing rice, or astonish guests with an Inside-out pizza from the 'Queen of Mozzarella', Rosanna Marziale.

Packed with features

Intuitive navigation and search functionality

118 beautifully photographed recipes

Clear method steps and instructions to follow at home

An easy-to-use shopping list feature

Metric to US Imperial switch, converting the measurements of each recipe

...or try one of the recipes