Caterina Ceraudo

Caterina Ceraudo

Caterina’s elegant cooking has one goal – to bring traditional Calabrian cuisine into the twenty-first century. Being based in the middle of a biodynamic farm certainly has its merits – a lot of the produce comes directly from the family’s own fields, as do many of the wines and olive oils. Oranges, tangerines, figs, pears and apricots all make an appearance when in season, and the extensive herb and vegetable garden is harvested year-round. Caterina is particularly fond of using organic, biodynamic eggs from the farm’s own hens.

The Calabrian countryside offers inspiration to Caterina’s cooking style, too. Seafood, lamb, veal and local cheeses are common sights on her menus. She tends to keep things simple, only adding things to the dish if they enhance the flavours of the star ingredients. Her time in restaurants like Reale make Caterina one of the best chefs in Italy – and at just twenty-nine years old, there are certainly more stars in her future.

Three things you should know

Caterina’s favourite Calabrian ingredient is anise nero, the local liquorice plant. It’s often made into a liqueur in the region.

Caterina champions female chefs whenever she can. While she was named the best female Italian chef by the Michelin Guide 2017, she believes that gender should not come into the equation when culinary skills are being judged.

Calabria is typically seen as a poor region of Italy, but chefs like Caterina are ensuring the local cuisine is put on the world stage.