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Giancarlo Morelli

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Though Pomiroeu remains the best place to experience Giancarlo's food, he has expanded his restaurant collection in recent years to help spread his gastronomic philosophy. In 2014 he opened Phi Beach at Baja Sardinia on Sardinia's beautiful north coast, and since then he has opened two more restaurants in Milan. Visitors to the VIU Hotel in Milan will find the Morelli restaurant inside – which features a number of tasting menus as well as a bespoke cocktail bar where you can enjoy a drink with a snack on the beautiful terrace. In April 2016, Giancarlo returned to open Trattoria Trombetta, also in Milan, as an opportunity for people to experience his food and ideas in a more informal setting.

In more recent years, Giancarlo has joined forces with prominent Italian chefs like Massimo Bottura and Aurora Mazzuchelli to promote Italian food around the world, as well as working with Norbert Niederkofler and Paolo Ferretti to develop CARE's – a project designed to promote and develop a more sustainable and ethical approach to food.

Three things you should know

Giancarlo is a huge advocate of foraged foods, believing that foraging is a vital part of a healthy diet. His menus frequently display foraged food and local wild mushrooms.

Giancarlo attends many food events around the world to promote his gastronomic beliefs, and often visits culinary schools to teach students how to cook perfect risotto.

Giancarlo’s glasses are famous for having one square and one round lens, but the chef has many pairs in a variety of colours and materials, from bright green to velvet-rimmed.