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Giorgio and Gian Pietro

Giorgio and Gian Pietro Damini

The pair now serve some of the best meat dishes in Italy, many of which were passed down through their family. Wild garlic and ricotta ravioli with lamb soup and Raw beef with tomatoes and mozzarella are both recipes their grandfather gave to them, while their Iberian pork ribs with breadcrumbs and asparagus is a typical, simple dish which allows the flavours of the ingredients to shine through. ‘We learnt everything from our father and grandfather,’ says Giorgio. ‘Now we can select the best meat and turn it into all sorts of fantastic produce.’

Family is at the heart of everything the brothers do, but they do lock horns from time to time. ‘It can be frustrating when Giorgio always wants the meat to be exactly the same, every time,’ explains Gian Pietro. ‘But we always work it out in the end! Behind the scenes of any great restaurant, a good butcher is one of the real stars. Family is incredibly important. I’m so lucky to be able to work with my brother and our partners.’