Margherita Pizza Recipe

Makes 1
30 minutes


'Margherita made wrong' - margherita pizza

  • 85g of buffalo mozzarella, chopped
  • 80g of tomatoes, preferably Riccio
  • 1 bunch of basil
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil


If making at home without a pizza oven, preheat a fan oven to 250°C
To prepare the basil reduction, blitz together some basil leaves, salt and extra virgin olive oil with a hand blender until you obtain a smooth and consistent purée. Transfer to a squeezy bottle
Make a tomato purée using a food mill or mouli to remove the skin, seeds and water, leaving a nice smooth sauce. Season with salt if necessary and transfer to a squeezy bottle
Shape a 250g piece of pizza dough into a large disc, leaving the edges slightly thicker than the middle
Arrange the buffalo mozzarella over the base and drizzle over some extra virgin olive oil. Cook in a pizza oven for about 90 seconds (or in the fan oven for 6–7 minutes)
Remove from the oven and draw some lines with the tomato purée. Dot the basil purée all over the pizza and serve