'Happiness' – vegan cardamom sponge


Store Cupboard

  • 330g of 00 flour
  • 250g of wholemeal flour
  • 60g of chickpea flour, or hemp flour
  • 450g of brown sugar
  • 300g of hazelnuts, toasted
  • 350g of cane sugar
  • 60g of soy sauce
  • 200g of cane sugar
  • 80g of cornflour, dissolved in a little water
  • 1 tbsp of honey, or icing sugar


  • 5g of baking powder

Fruit & Vegetables

  • 4g of lemon zest
  • 60g of lemon juice
  • 250g of lemon juice
  • 50g of lemon zest
  • 100g of strawberries
  • 200g of strawberries, halved, plus extra to garnish

Spices & Dried Herbs

  • 3g of ground cardamom


  • 600g of soya milk
  • 120g of water
  • 1l rice milk

Oils & Vinegars

  • 450g of sunflower oil