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Costardi Brothers

One of the brothers’ most popular dishes is Tomato risotto, something Christian always loved as a child when he was at nursery school, and was even named Best Italian Dish of the Year in 2011. U' Maccaròn is just one of Manuel’s many fantastic desserts, and Vegetable Garden 2015 showcases their modern, playful style of presentation. Despite their use of modern cooking equipment and techniques, the brothers are careful not to overcomplicate their dishes or stray too far from the classics. ‘Our food is very simple,’ explains Christian. ‘We want our customers to be able to recognise what they are eating almost immediately.’

When Christian and Manuel aren’t working at Hotel Cinzia (which isn’t often – the brothers have their eyes on a second Michelin star), they love nothing more than visiting London and eating in the city’s sushi restaurants. At home, Christian spends as much time with his family as he can, and Manuel is the proud owner of four dogs, which he takes for long walks around Piedmont. It may be hard work running such a respected restaurant, but the brothers don’t plan to hang up their aprons anytime soon. ‘If at some point we stop enjoying our work, then we’ll go and do something else,’ says Christian. ‘But until then, we’ll be chefs!’