Lorenzo Cogo

Lorenzo Cogo

Lorenzo Cogo is one of the youngest Michelin-starred chef-owners in Italy. His creative, instinctive way of cooking, combined with his experience cooking in some of the world’s best restaurants, has made him one of the most exciting figures in modern Italian cuisine.


Norbert Niederkofler

By only using produce from the nearby Dolomite mountains, Norbert Niederkofler gave birth to a cooking philosophy famous across Italy. Despite being very selective about the ingredients he uses, his cuisine is some of the most varied in the country.

The Greatest of Italian Chefs

From Alessandro Gavagna to Teresa Buongiorno, find out more about our brigade of outstanding chefs.

Teresa Buongiorno

A true ambassador for Puglia’s modern food scene, Teresa Buongiorno’s inventive, self-taught style of cooking is a breath of fresh air. By bringing the region’s traditional dishes into the 21st century, she helped boost the reputation of an area already famous for its fantastic food.