Accursio Lota

Amy Gulick

<p>Amy Gulick is a freelance writer and translator from California who has lived in Tuscany since 2002. </p>

Andrea Tortora

<p>Andrea Tortora was recently awarded best Pastry in Italy from the Gambero Rosso Guide for 2017. Andrea is now head pastry chef of Chef <a href="">Norbert Niederkofler</a><a href=""></a>’s 2 Michelin Star <a href="">Restaurant St. Hubertus</a>. </p>

Antonella la Macchia

<p>Having previously worked in tourism, Antonella la Macchia decided to turn her passion for food into her career, and is now a food blogger, personal chef and cooking teacher based in Tuscany. </p>

Antonio Carluccio

<p>For over twenty years Antonio Carluccio was one of the leading figures of Italian cuisine.</p>

Caterina Violi

<p>Caterina is a food lover, researcher and freelance journalist from Parma. When she is not writing, she teaches Capoeira in Maremma, Tuscany.</p>

Claudia Annie Carone

<p> Claudia is an Italian journalist, food writer and photographer. Her life is divided between Emilia-Romagna, where she lives with her husband, and Puglia, her native land. </p>

Eataly Cookbook

<p>Eataly: Contemporary Italian Recipes, published by Phaidon, is the comprehensive cookbook on Italian food, inspired by the world's most beloved Italian food stories. </p>

Emilio Giagnoni

<p>Emilio Giagnoni represented France in the Barilla World Pasta Championships 2017 with his stunning dish, 'Octopus essence linguine'. </p>

Filippo Trapella

<p>Born and raised in Bologna, Filippo is a food blogger and supper club host with a passion for traditional Italian dishes.</p><p><br></p>

Giulia Scarpaleggia

<p>Giulia is a Tuscan food blogger who has turned her passion into a job and is now a freelance food writer, developing recipes for magazines and food companies. </p>

Great Italian Chefs

<p>Great Italian Chefs is a team of passionate food-lovers dedicated to bringing you the latest news, views and reviews from the gastronomic mecca that is Italy. </p>

Jacopo Mazzeo

<p> Jacopo Mazzeo is a freelance beer writer and sommelier with a passion for gastronomy. </p>

Jure Tomič

<p>Jure Tomič was born in 1981 in Brežice, and is a famous chef and sommelier in Slovenia. After studying Nutritional Science and working in a number of small restaurants, he opened Ošterija Debeluh in Brežice, part of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe network. </p>

Luca Marchiori

<p>Luca Marchiori is a food writer, recipe developer and food historian. His blog Luca’s Italy is all about discovering authentic Italian food and sharing the recipes that Italians really eat. </p>

Luciana Squadrilli

<p>Luciana Squadrilli is a freelance journalist and author specialising in food and travel writing. </p>

Manuela Zangara

<p>Manuela is an Italian native who currently resides in Australia. She is the author of Manu’s Menu, a food blog about traditional Italian cuisine that she started in 2011. Her blog is one of the top food blogs in Australia. </p>

Marco Rossi

<p>Based across Italy, London and Copenhagen, Marco is a globetrotting sommelier and wine marketeer with a particular passion for Italian wine, particularly those from Tuscany. </p>

Marisa Raniolo Wilkins

<p> Marisa Raniolo Wilkins was born in Sicily and raised in Trieste before migrating to Australia. She has written two books: Sicilian Seafood Cooking and Small Fishy Bites. She also publishes a regular blog, All things Sicilian and more. </p>

Nina Parker

<p>Nina Parker is a London based chef, author and director of her own catering company, NINA Food. Her latest book is Nina Capri, a collection of recipes from Italy's Amalfi coast. </p>

The Silver Spoon

<p>The Silver Spoon was first conceived and published when a select group of cooking experts were commissioned to collect hundreds of traditional Italian recipes and make them available for the first time to a wider modern audience. </p>

The Kitchen with Great Italian Chefs

<p>The Kitchen with Great Italian Chefs is where you’ll find all the recipes from our very own team of Italian specialists.</p>

Valeria Necchio

<p>Valeria Necchio is an Italian food writer and photographer with roots in the Venetian countryside. </p>

Veruska Anconitano

<p>Veruska Anconitano is an Italian, Dublin-based, food and travel writer and blogger. </p>