Luca and Antonio Abbruzzino


Luca and Antonio Abbruzzino

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They have undeniably different styles. ‘Luca is more creative, by a long way,’ says Antonio. So who is in charge? ‘It's a battle,’ he laughs. ‘Every day is a fight, but in the end is always a fair compromise, an exchange of experiences. The kitchen is neither mine nor his. It is ours.’ They have their differences but are united by their passion for Calabria’s produce, and everything they cook is rooted in the local area.

‘Freshness and local products are the key,’ says Luca. ‘If we can’t get our usual products then we cook something else. All the raw materials have to be excellent. The meat we buy, for example, comes from a butcher who also runs a tiny laboratory at the back of his shop. He’s a genius and sells some of the best 'nduja in the region.’ It’s an approach that has made a table at the family’s restaurant one of the most sought after in Calabria.

Three things you should know

Antonio's favourite ingredient is Calabria’s famous sweet, red Tropea onion. It is incredibly versatile, lending itself to simple starters but also pasta dishes or sauces.

Travelling helps Luca express himself and find inspiration for his cooking, but he says he would never leave Calabria to work abroad.

Luca is an ambassador for Cooking Soon, an organisation aimed at promoting the cultural heritage and food of Calabria.