Community guidelines

23 July 2021

Community guidelines

We've drawn up the following community guidelines to help you get the best out of our site and enjoy communicating and sharing with other Great British Chefs community members, chefs, suppliers and advertising partners. Sometimes people may cross the line but we're fair people here and we may give you a second chance if you do. However, sometimes we may have to delete your account or comment. If you follow these guidelines, the chances are that it won't happen and everyone, including our Head of Social Media, will be happy. Trust us, you wouldn't like to see her unhappy, she can be a nightmare.


What to do and what not to do

Be nice.

We're a global community of many different types of people with different beliefs and opinions. All of those people have the right to feel comfortable and not feel awkward or stupid, just because of something they said or shared that others might not believe in. So, please be polite and respectful in your discussions with other members.

Don't swear in the extreme.

Our parents don't like it, but many of us have sworn or used curse words from time to time. Our system has some filters in place that won't let you use really, really offensive swear words, simply because it's never called for. Particularly if it relates to other members of the community. However, we're not averse to the odd minor swear word. Just bear in mind our first point about being nice.

Don't be racist, homophobic or discriminate because of gender, age or disability.

This really doesn't need explaining further. We don't tolerate that sort of behaviour and your account will be deleted without warning if you do.

Don’t upload anything that isn't yours unless you've clearly said where it came from.

This includes other people's photos, videos and recipes – particularly if you try to pass them off as your own. Again, it comes down to being nice. Accounts that look to us that they are primarily built up of other people's stuff may be deleted at any time.

Don’t rant, bore, over use CAPS LOCKS or be a pain to other members.

We didn't build Great British Chefs purely to be a sounding board for your opinions, or a place for you to rave on about the state of cookery, chefs and restaurants. There's tons of blogging software around if you feel you'd like a permanent place for this. We can recommend WordPress, Blogger & Tumblr. Back to being nice, don't use our site to abuse, impersonate, stress or intimidate others. If we receive a valid complaint about your conduct, we’ll send you a warning or delete your account.

Don’t show nudity in your avatar.

We're not a dating site. If we find that you've uploaded an avatar that contains nudity or other inappropriate content, we'll remove the avatar and send you a warning, as you may have done this by mistake. However, if we find you doing it again, we’ll delete your account.

Don’t upload content that is prohibited or illegal.

We really do not want the police or law firms on our backs. So basically any content of this nature will lead to your account being deleted. We may also have to take other action such as reporting you to the authorities so please keep it legal.

Don’t use your account to host web graphics, like logos and banners.

We're still quite a young company and don't have loads of money, so please don't use up our bandwidth. If we find you over using your account to host graphic elements of logos, icons, web page designs and animated gifs, we will warn you or delete your account.

Don’t use Great British Chefs to sell your stuff.

We're not a marketplace for everyone. You might want to look at eBay or use a blog platform if you want to sell things. If it looks to us that you may be trying to use your account just to sell stuff, we'll send you a warning or in some cases just or delete your account. Obviously we know that many of you run businesses and that doesn't mean you're not welcome – if you're really keen to advertise on our site, get in touch and we'll see how we can help you do it within our guidelines.

And finally . . .

If you really don't feel happy with our community guidelines, it's likely that Great British Chefs isn't for you. We believe we've been fair with these guidelines and they're set up to keep everyone happy. However, we know it isn't possible to please everyone. We know that those who do follow the guidelines will have a great experience and hopefully see us as one of their favourite places to visit on the web.