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How to brunoise

19 August 2016

How to brunoise

Learning how to finely dice onions or other vegetables is a good skill to have in your repertoire as many recipes call for this style of chopping, usually so the vegetables can be used as a base for a soup of sauce. It is important to have a very sharp knife when chopping, take a look at how to sharpen knives for some tips.

Leaving the onion whole, peel it and leave the root intact
Cut the onion in half through the root
Turn the onion so that the cut side sits flat on the chopping board
Begin to slice down through the onion bringing the knife towards you , keeping it firm and sturdy in your hand with a pinch grip
Don’t slice right to the root, as this will help the onion stay together while you are cutting
Turn the onion 90 degrees and make a diagonal incision horizontally across the onion before again slicing downwards in a rocking motion in thin strips to give a small dice

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