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How to butcher a rabbit

14 May 2015

How to butcher a rabbit

Rabbit is a lean piece of meat with subtle flavours which works well with all slow cooking techniques . Preparing rabbit does take a bit of skill, so practising it can be useful. To buy a whole rabbit, ask your local butchers who should be able to help, as well as offer advice on recipes and cooking tips.

Start by removing the hind legs; cut through the meat and the spine where the legs join the body
Cut the front legs away from the ribs
Cut between the rib cage and the saddle using a heavier knife to cut through the spine if necessary
discard the ribcage and trim away any loose flesh from the saddle
Cut the saddle into two pieces through the backbone


Get some inspiration from our rabbit collection or try Pascal Aussignac's rabbit with butternut squash and papaya or Phil Howard's saddle of rabbit with spring pea shoot and tarragon.

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