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How to cook pumpkin and squash sous vide

6 November 2015

How to cook pumpkin and squash sous vide

Bright orange pumpkins and butternut squash are synonymous with the autumn and winter months, often associated with Halloween and classic comfort food. Cooking them sous vide preserves their vibrant colour and maintains a slightly firmer texture which can often be lost in conventional cooking methods at high temperatures.

Preheat the water bath to 85°C
Peel the pumpkin or squash and cut into slices, discarding the seeds
Season with salt and place in a vacuum bag in a single layer with a little olive oil. Vacuum seal the bag
Place the bag in the preheated water bath to cook for 45–60 minutes, depending on the size of the pumpkin or squash and how ripe it is
Remove the slices from the bag and pat dry with kitchen paper


Try adding herbs such as thyme and rosemary to the bag or spices such as nutmeg or pepper.

Honey will enhance the natural sweetness of the pumpkin, or you could try adding a little loose leaf black tea for an unusual twist.

Serving suggestions

Stephen Crane makes delicate Pumpkin tortellini with chestnuts and a sage beurre noisette, while Robert Ortiz uses pumpkin in his tempting Picarones, chancaca honey and fresh cheese which is a great snack or canapé for a dinner party.

Cooked pumpkin can be used to make a delicious soup, why not try Paul Ainsworth’s or Robert Thompson’s version to warm up on a chilly evening.

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