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How to dice beef for steak tartare

7 September 2015

How to dice beef for steak tartare

Steak tartare is a traditional French preparation usually seasoned with shallots, capers, tabasco and anchovy sauce. For this method you will need to use the best quality beef fillet you can find, preferably with a good amount of marbling as this will add flavour to the finished dish. Make sure you have a very sharp knife to avoid tearing the meat.

Slice the beef fillet lengthways 0.5cm thick
Slice into strips, again 0.5cm thick
Line up the strips and dice into cubes


If you prefer a finer texture, dice the meat smaller to your preferred consistency.

You can also try making tartare with other meat and even fish – veal, venison and salmon work particularly well.

Serving suggestions

Tom Aikens serves his steak tartare with the traditional accompaniment of raw egg yolk and crispy bread, while Adam Bennett updates this French classic with by adding wasabi and horseradish. Greg Malouf makes Kibbeh Nayee, a Middle-Eastern version of steak tartare made with bulgar wheat, chilli and herbs, which he serves with cucumber, yoghurt and chillies.

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