How to open a clam

8 December 2014

How to open a clam

Although many clam recipes will add clams in their shells straight to the pan, some recipes require just the uncooked, raw clam meat. Follow our method below for opening clams to get to the sweet, tender meat inside.

Before opening your clams, you'll want to go through the process of purging them of any grit and sand. Check out our page on how to prepare clams for more information.

Using a tea towel secure the clam to the board
Insert the knife on the underside of the top shell and move around to release the muscle
Open the shell, use the knife to cut the muscles underneath the clam, retaining as much liquid as you can


Have a go at Anna Hansen's Cod with clams and chorizo or Nathan Outlaw's John dory with apples clams and curry.

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