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Accursio Ristorante

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Accursio Craparo

As one of Sicily’s most prominent chefs, Accursio Craparo puts the flavours of the east and west of the island centre stage at his eponymous Michelin-starred restaurant in Modica.

A good number of Italian chefs seek new pastures and travel the world to develop their skills – but the vast majority of them always return to Italy in the end. That’s certainly the case with Accursio Craparo, who after an initial plan to see the sights of Europe was convinced to return home and realise his potential as one of Sicily’s most celebrated chefs.

Born in Sciacca, an historic fishing port on the southwest coast of Sicily, Accursio’s earliest memories are of watching his grandmother in the kitchen while his father and grandfather worked on the family farm. ‘When I think about my earliest memories of food, it’s always the aromas of lemons and saffron that I can’t get out of my head,’ he says. Remaining on the island to attend the local catering college, his main aim – as with many young chefs – was to see the world, so he set out for Frankfurt, cooking at the Michelin-starred Osteria Enoteca for a year. He was set on staying out there, but during a short break back home he ran into his friend and mentor Corrado Assenza. ‘He took me for a walk in the countryside and taught me how to pick the right herbs and notice all the different wild flavours,’ says Accursio. It was during this walk that Corrado told him he must never lose sight of where he came from, and that he should return to Sicily one day and open his own restaurant.