In an undoubtedly beautiful setting, Il Riccio is one of the most picturesque seafood restaurants in the world. Overlooking the sea of Capri, this little beach club restaurant boasts not only a stunning view, but also a coveted Michelin star.
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    4 Via Gradola, , Italy, Anacapri, 80071
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    The island of Capri already conjures up images of luxurious beaches and resorts, as well as stunning natural attractions such as the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) – a magical cavern with vibrant blue waters lit by the refracted light of underwater caves. Part of the Capri Palace Hotel and Spa, Il Riccio perches directly on the seafront close to the Grotto, overlooking the Sorrentine Peninsula and across to Naples.

    Making the most of its position, the restaurant itself is light and airy, with an open terrace overlooking the water – the perfect spot for watching tourist boats drift by on their way to visit the Grotto, or relaxing in one of the beach club’s sun loungers. Although the restaurant oozes Italian sophistication, the vivid blue and white decor, with patterned tiling and colourful ornaments, add a more casual feel and echoes the beaches below.

    Seafood is obviously the food of choice here, with fresh catches from local fishermen on display and the open kitchen allowing diners to see the fish being prepared from scratch by the chefs. Head chef Salvatore Elefante will create spontaneous dishes for the day’s menu based on the fish caught that morning. Typical of the Caprese and nearby Napolitan cuisine, many of the dishes are simple, healthy and light – dishes such as raw shellfish, grilled octopus and squid and fresh seafood pastas.

    Once you’ve had your fill of fish, diners are invited through to the tantalisingly named 'Room of Temptation'. Designed by the restaurant’s owner Tonino Cacace, it is decorated with a mixture of local ornaments and religious icons, and set up to depict a traditional Caprese kitchen. The temptation comes from the overflowing displays of sweet treats on offer, with traditional Caprese and Napolitan cakes, tarts and confections taking centre stage. Try chef Salvatore’s favourite, the Sfogliatelle (a shell-shaped Italian pastry), the delicate cream-filled Cannoli, or the local Torta Caprese (a chocolate and almond cake). Made overnight by bakers between midnight and 8am, each cake is handmade, summing up the care and attentiveness given to the whole experience at Il Riccio.

    The Capri Palace Hotel and Spa is a seasonal resort and closes from November to March each year.

    Three things you should know
    For the ultimate in luxury, guests can sunbath on the terraces surrounding the restaurant and be looked after by the amazing Il Riccio team. The restaurant is also a beach club, and therefore attracts both locals and tourists for a spot of sunbathing or a relaxed lunch.
    The freshly caught fish in the display counters can be cooked to order by the chefs. Diners can choose from the day’s catch, including such choices as fresh lobsters, swordfish, bream, eels and – a favourite of Campania – cuttlefish.
    A visit to Il Riccio would not be complete without a trip to the dazzling display of the Blue Grotto. The cave can be reached by boat, just a 5 minute walk from the restaurant. The German poet August Kopisch (re)discovered the cave whilst out swimming with his friend and painter Ernst Fries. Actually, the cave was already well-known to the ancient Romans, as proven by the statues that were found inside, but knowledge of it seemed to fall into oblivion during the Middle Ages.
    Il Riccio
    4 Via Gradola, , Italy, Anacapri, 80071
    +39 081 8371380
    Restaurant reservations