Restaurants in Liguria recipes


Restaurants in Liguria recipes


The dishes of Liguria, a narrow ribbon of land between the Mediterranean sea and the Apennine mountain range, showcase the produce from both sea and land. Ligurian cuisine tends to be di magro – meaning meatless – instead relying more strongly on the region’s many fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs which flourish in the mild Mediterranean climate. Many believe this predilection for the very freshest fruits and vegetables derives from Liguria’s long seafaring tradition, with returning sailors seeking out simple, fresh produce from the land after months of eating preserved food at sea. Ligurians, therefore, are widely known for their simple, unfussy approach to food, letting the ingredients shine themselves.

While the region’s culinary tradition might lean towards the basic and understated, many chefs cooking in Liguria put their own innovative, creative spin on the classic cuisine. This collection showcases the best restaurants in Liguria, including Andrea Sarri’s eponymous Ristorante Sarri in the seaside town of Imperia. At this Michelin-starred Ligurian restaurant diners can experience superb seafood dishes served either overlooking the sea or, for those who can’t resist the feeling of sand between their toes, right on the beach itself.

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Situated on the beautiful coast of Imperia in a small picturesque fishing village, Ristorante Sarri is a seafood lover’s paradise, providing a relaxed atmosphere and the innovative cooking of Michelin-starred chef Andrea Sarri.
108 Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo, Borgo Pinto, Imperia, 18100
by Andrea Sarri

Ristorante Sarri