Restaurants in Marche recipes

Restaurants in Marche

Restaurants in Marche recipes


Marche is centrally located on the eastern Italian coast, nestling between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. The region is characterised by a rugged, mountainous inland and a beach-lined coast, dotted with quaint seaside towns. These variations in the region’s geography are also reflected in its food; seafood is popular, along with rural delicacies such as wild funghi, game, nuts and herbs and the region’s treasured truffles. Coniglio in porchetta, rabbit stuffed with wild fennel is a revered regional speciality, and traditional porchetta made with suckling pig and stuffed into rolls is a popular street food. Meat is commonly cooked alla brace (over wood embers) and is a staple on many an antipasto menu, with mountain salt-cured ham, lonza (salt-cured fillet of pork), and ciauscolo (a spreadable salame made of pork with the texture of paté) being popular. For an authentic regional primo there is vincisgrassi, a pasta dish similar to lasagna featuring layers of pasta, minced meat, mushrooms and truffles. Seafood from the Adriatic can be found in many of the region's signature dishes including brodetto, a fish stew containing numerous species of fish. Ancona, the region’s capital, also offers up a rich, saffron-infused zuppa di pesce (fish soup).

Not far from Ancona is the seaside town of Senigallia, which possesses two of the top twenty restaurants in Italy. In this collection we feature one of these formidable establishments, Uliassi, the two Michelin-starred restaurant run by brother and sister team Mauro and Catia Uliassi. Uliassi specialises in innovative, sophisticated seafood dishes and offers, among others, a menu entirely focused on raw fish.

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Over the last decade Uliassi has earned a reputation for being one of Italy’s finest seafood restaurants. Like so many of Italy’s great restaurants, Uliassi is family-run, with head chef Mauro Uliassi and his maître d’ sister Catia working in tandem to create a truly memorable dining experience, befitting of its three Michelin star status.
6 Banchina di levante, Senigallia, Ancona, 60019
by Mauro Uliassi