Franco Pepe


Franco Pepe

While the ingredients Franco uses are the freshest he can find and of the very best quality, it is the dough that makes his pizzas so special. Continuing on the work of his father, he follows no recipe, changing the quantities and ingredients every day to account for how humid the weather is, the gluten content of the flour and the temperature in the kitchen. Franco can tell all of this by simply using his hands, adding a little extra flour or water as he kneads enough dough for 400 pizzas at a time. The resulting texture is light, fluffy and perfectly chewy, lightly charred on top from the ferocious wood-fired oven (which can cook each pizza in under two minutes).

Three things you should know

Franco was the first person to step back and consider what makes a great pizza, rather than following the traditions and methods set out in Naples.

His favourite pizza is calzone scarola riccia (calzone with curly endive) served with a glass of Lambrusco.

As long as you have the very best mozzarella, oil, tomatoes and flour and know how to make a good dough, Franco says it’s easy to make good pizza at home – even if you don’t have a wood-fired oven.