How to cook red mullet sous vide

How to cook red mullet sous vide

How to cook red mullet sous vide

3 November 2015

How to cook red mullet sous vide

Red mullet is a strong-flavoured fish popular in the Mediterranean. It is a small fish that is easy to overcook by traditional methods such as pan-frying. Cooking sous vide ensures perfect results every time.

Preheat the water bath to 52°C
Prepare and fillet the red mullet
Wash the fish and dry well on kitchen paper
Season with salt and place in a singular layer in a vacuum bag with a little olive oil and seal under pressure
Place the bag in the pre-heated water bath to cook for 30 minutes
Remove the fillets from the bag and pat dry with kitchen paper
Quickly pan-fry the fillets skin-side down over a medium heat until golden and crisp


For extra flavour, try adding herbs such as basil or tarragon to the bag or lemon or orange peel.

For a charred flavour, try blow-torching the skin of the fish instead of pan frying.

Serving suggestions

Bryan Webb serves a simple dish of Red mullet with garlic and chilli oil and Adam Gray serves his red mullet with baby spinach and crushed new potatoes. For something a little more luxurious, try Daniel Clifford’s Stuffed red mullet with a Parmesan pureé, caramelised artichokes and green olive powder.

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