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How to knead bread dough

1 June 2015

How to knead bread dough

The aim of kneading bread is to evenly distribute all the ingredients within the dough as well as develop the texture, structure and gluten. It can take upto 10 minutes by hand, once ready the dough should feel smooth and elastic. Basic white bread is made from a combination of water, flour, salt and yeast, but once confident in the technique other flavours can be added such as Graham Campbell's olive bread or Kevin Mangeolles's onion bread.


Pour the flour onto the work surface
Use your hand to create a circle of four with no gaps
Add the yeast, salt and water into the middle
Slowly bring the flour into the liquid with your hand
If the dough is a little sticky, sprinkle some more flour
To knead the dough, continue to stretch between both hands, you need to do this for about ten minutes until the dough is very springy and stretchy

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