How to make a brine

How to make a brine

Brining imparts even seasoning and flavour throughout meat and ensures a consistent result each time. The most basic of brines contain no more than water and salt, a good ratio to use is 10% salt to water for anything from 3 hours depending on the size of the cut and how seasoned you prefer it to be. Josh Eggleton adds a mixture of herbs and spices to his brine for extra flavour.

Add the dry ingredients to the pan
Cover with the water and bring to the boil
Chill the brine in the fridge before using


Any herb, spice or flavouring can be used in a brine, for chicken add more lemon rind, for pork belly you could try adding cinnamon or licorice and beef use rosemary and up the peppercorns.


Brines can be used for chicken, pork, duck, veal, lamb and beef. They can also be used for fish but the brining times required will be much shorter.