How to roast a turkey crown

How to roast a turkey crown

A turkey crown is the body of the bird with the legs and wings removed leaving the white breast meat attached to the bones. It is an ideal joint for smaller gatherings and for those who don’t want lots of leftovers — particularly at Christmas. A crown takes less time to cook than a whole bird and it is easier to carve but essentially it can be treated in much the same way — it can rest on a bed of stuffing, be smeared with butter and draped with smoked bacon then served with roast potatoes, sprouts and cranberry sauce. In this recipe, the crown is glazed with mustard, maple syrup, orange juice and thyme but any combination of flavours that work with turkey could be used instead.


Pre-heat the oven to 180˚C/gas mark 4
Place the turkey crown in a roasting tray and generously brush the skin with the glaze, if using. Season with salt and pepper
Pour chicken stock into the roasting tray to the depth of 2–3 cm (approximately 500ml)
Calculate the cooking time (allow 20 minutes per kg plus 70 minutes) then place in the preheated oven, re-glazing every 20 minutes
Remove from the oven and allow to rest for at least 10 minutes before carving


There are so many tips and tricks for injecting flavour into your turkey and locking in that all-important moisture. Brining is a popular choice for super-tender flesh, while others like to add richness and moisture by stuffing flavoured butter under the skin. This requires carefully teasing the skin away from the meat and packing plenty of butter underneath. The butter can be flavoured with your choice of herbs - sage, thyme and rosemary are all great choices for a crowd-pleasing Christmas bird. Read more in our ultimate turkey cooking tips guide.

Stuffing a crown is a perennial favourite, so make sure you're armed with one of our stuffing recipes for some cheffy tips on the perfect pairing.