How to use a sous vide chamber vacuum sealer

How to use a sous vide chamber vacuum sealer

How to use a sous vide chamber vacuum sealer

10 December 2015

Vacuum sealing is an integral part of sous vide cooking — the name of the method itself even comes from the French for 'under vacuum'. There are two main types of vacuum sealers: bar sealers (which suck the air out of the vacuum bag) and chamber sealers.

Chamber sealers work by creating a vacuum around the bag to expel the air. Unlike bar sealers, therefore, a chamber sealer can be used to lock liquids and sauces into the bag along with the ingredients. Chamber sealers are the most commonly used type of vacuum sealer in professional kitchens.

Place your ingredients in a vacuum bag, taking care not to overfill it
Put the bag into the chamber sealer — the top of the bag should be over the sealing bar and inside the machine
Close the lid and set the time according to how tight you want the vacuum to be and the type of ingredients you are using — liquids will require a lower vacuum time. Press start to remove the air from the bag
The lid will open automatically once the vacuum has been created. Check the bag to make sure the seal is intact. Your ingredients are now ready to place in the water bath


In addition to sealing ingredients for cooking in a water bath, a chamber sealer can be used to compress fruit and vegetables. During this process the pressure of the vacuum bursts the cell walls, creating a transparent appearance and soft texture.

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