Grilled squid with aromatic herbs and smoked ricotta cream


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Grilled squid

Ricotta cream

To serve

Place the herbs, shallot, garlic and ginger in a blender with the olive oil. Blitz together to form an aromatic herb oil, with a similar consistency to pesto
Place the squid in a shallow dish and pour over the herb oil, mixing until the squid are evenly coated in the oil. Cook the squid under a hot grill for a few minutes, turning regularly to ensure they are evenly cooked
Meanwhile, place the smoked ricotta and olive oil in a high-sided container and blitz with a hand blender to form a smooth cream. Season with a pinch of salt and divide between serving plates
Top with the grilled squid, pouring over any of the remaining herb oil. Scatter over the chopped vegetables and garnish with bright edible flowers, dill sprigs and sorrel leaves. Finish with a dusting of ground pepper to serve
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