The Damini brothers have created a meat-lover's paradise in the small town of Arzignano. With just ten tables in the restaurant, head chef Giorgio has won international claim for a menu which places the meat provided by his fourth-generation butcher brother, Gian Pietro, firmly at its heart.
31 Via Generale Cadorna

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  • Damini e Affini
    31 Via Generale Cadorna, , Italy, Arzignano, 36071
    +39 0444 452914
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    Located in an industrial district famed for its leather production, the north-east Italian town of Arzignano is not the most obvious place for a Michelin-starred restaurant. Just half an hour from the bustling city of Vicenza, Damini e Affini is a hidden gem, well worth a special journey. Born into a family of butchers, the brothers have worked tirelessly to integrate together their restaurant and family-owned butchers to create a truly unique dining experience.

    Visitors to Damini e Affini should take time to wander around the restaurant’s charming shop, run by master butcher Gian Pietro. The shop boasts over 2,000 carefully selected products from all over Italy, including: pasta, pistachios, biscuits and preserved fruits, to name just a few. In fact, guests are able to buy most of the ingredients used in the restaurant. It is, however, in the long glass counters at the back of the shop, where Gian Pietro’s most prized assets can be found – 900 varieties of expertly sourced meats, salami and cheeses.

    Giorgio, the restaurant's head chef, has crafted a deliberately understated menu in order to best show off the fantastic produce at his disposal. A strong believer in keeping food simple, the chef challenges himself to use four ingredients or less wherever possible. This can be seen with the restaurant’s popular steak tartare, served simply with olive oil and sea salt. Thanks to the restaurant’s intimate size, Giorgio is usually on hand to offer recommendations from the menu – which changes with the seasons – and on occasion, personally presents customers with his latest creation.

    In keeping with the restaurant’s menu, the décor is unpretentious, with minimalist black furniture dominating the room. For decoration, the brothers rely on their impressive wine collection which proudly adorns the walls.

    Three things you should know
    The wine cellar has over 900 labels selected from small producers where possible, as well as a selection of craft beers. Gian Pietro will happily recommend perfect pairings for the dishes served up by his brother Giorgio.
    The restaurant and shop feature a little cosy area that is perfect for a quick breakfast, coffee or an aperitivo in the evening.
    It’s recommended that guests drive to the restaurant or take a taxi from Verona or Vicenza, which are about half an hour away.
    Damini e Affini
    31 Via Generale Cadorna, , Italy, Arzignano, 36071
    +39 0444 452914
    Restaurant reservations