Restaurants in Lazio recipes


Restaurants in Lazio recipes


Home of the nation's capital as well as Vatican City, Lazio is the second largest region in Italy in terms of both population and economy and is flanked by the fertile Lazian hills. From its time as the centre of the Roman Empire to the popular tourist destination it is today, the region has been shaped by the wealth of different cultures residing within it. Lazian cuisine has strong foundations in the agricultural and working population; offal is incredibly popular – such as the regional favourite coda alla vaccinara (oxtail stew) – along with the punchy flavours of anchovy, salted cod, peperoncino (chilli pepper) and garlic. The artichoke has long been a favourite vegetable in the region (generally served stuffed with garlic and mint alla Romana), and pork remains a staple, including amatriciana sauce (from Amatrice) and wild fennel-stuffed porchetta (from Ariccia).

This collection contains some of the best restaurants in Rome and Lazio. For Michelin-starred dining in Rome visit Glass Hostaria, Cristina Bowerman’s superb fusion restaurant blending traditional Italian dishes with flavours from around the world. If you'd prefer somewhere a little more tranquil than the busy streets of Rome, head to the seaside town of Ostia, where Daniele Usai serves up fresh, seasonal dishes from the demonstration kitchen of Il Tino.

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The powerful pairing of chef Daniele Usai’s cooking and Claudio Bronzi’s business acumen has created one of Lazio’s finest restaurants, Il Tino, now based in the beautiful marina of Fiumicino, a stone’s throw from the hubbub of Rome.
127 Via Monte Cadria, Fiumicino, Rome, 00054
by Daniele Usai

Il Tino

Imàgo’s spectacular location, combined with the imaginative but refined cooking of head chef Francesco Apreda, results in one of Rome’s most romantic dining experiences.
6 Piazza Trinità dei Monti, Rome, 00187
by Francesco Apreda


With its unrivaled location and Michelin-starred cuisine, Aroma offers guests spectacular views and memorable dishes in equal measure. Chef Giuseppe di Iorio’s menu features nostalgic classics and newer, more imaginative creations, giving visitors a snapshot of modern Italian cooking at its best.
125 Via Labicana, Roma, 00184
by Giuseppe di Iorio


‘Fusion’ sums up Glass Hostaria in many ways. The restaurant itself is a carefully designed blend of ultra modern architecture and original features, while the Michelin-starred cooking from chef Cristina Bowerman is an eclectic mix of multi-cultural influences with traditional Italian recipes.
58 Vicolo del Cinque, Rome, 00153
by Cristina Bowerman

Glass Hostaria