Restaurants in Lombardy recipes

Restaurants in Lombardy

Restaurants in Lombardy recipes


Located in northern Italy, the political and cultural history of Lombardy (along with its terrain) make it difficult to assign one distinct food style to the area. Lombardy is naturally divided into distinct zones: the plains, the lakes, the foothills of the alps and the mountains. In effect, you could say that the region has nine – the number of its provinces – separate cuisines. Famous dishes include the torrone (nougat) of Cremona, the myriad risottos of rice-producing Pavia and the slow-cooked ossobuco with saffron-tinted risotto alla milanese from Milan, the region’s capital. Tomatoes and oil, staples within many of Italy’s other regions, are notably absent from Lombard cuisine, which instead draws strongly on rice, butter and meat.

In a region of such wonderful variety it's not surprising that it plays host to some of the country’s finest restaurants. Nestled in the hills of Bergamo sits Da Vittorio, the three Michelin-starred restaurant with exquisite, seasonally changing menus. For the best restaurants in Milan look no further than Andrea Berton’s eponymous Ristorante Andrea Berton, serving up effortlessly elegant, stylish fare, or visit trend-bucking Joia which, forgoing the region’s predilection for meaty, buttery dishes, holds the honour of being Italy’s only Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant.

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Giancarlo Morelli's flagship restaurant in Seregno promotes simplicity and balance, and has been one of the standout restaurants in Lombardy for the last twenty five years.
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Seregno, Lombardy, 20831
by Giancarlo Morelli


Da Vittorio is a unique culinary oasis nestled in the hills that separate the bubbling vitality of Milan from Bergamo considered to be a mecca for seafood lovers since 1960 thanks to the remarkable Cerea family.
17 Via Cantalupa , Brusaporto, 24060
by Cerea Brothers

Da Vittorio

Set in a futuristic, newly-built glass tower in Porta Nuova Varesine in Milan, Ristorante Berton stands out from the crowd with its modern, elegant design and incredibly inventive dishes.
13 Via Mike Bongiorno, Milan, 20124
by Andrea Berton

Ristorante Berton

The first vegetarian restaurant to win a Michelin star in Europe, Joia has been at the cutting edge of the ‘natural cuisine’ movement since opening, and continues in this pioneering spirit under head chef Sauro Ricci.
18 Via Panfilo Castaldi, Milan, 20124
by Sauro Ricci


Set in the heart of old Milan, Eugenio Boer’s restaurant balances tradition with innovation.
34 Via Marghera, Corta Interna, Milan, 20149
by Eugenio Boer


Situated in Milan’s Eataly Smeraldo – a unique gastronomic shopping centre set in a former theatre – Alice Ristorante is a charming eatery in the heart of the historic city.
Piazza XXV Aprile, Milan, 20121
by Viviana Varese

Alice Ristorante

This legendary restaurant has been owned and run by the Santini family since it opened in 1926, and has held three Michelin stars since 1996 thanks to its impeccable examples of classic Italian cooking.
Canneto sull'Oglio, Runate, Mandova, Lombardy, 46013
by Nadia Santini

Dal Pescatore