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Giuseppe di Iorio

Giuseppe di Iorio

Giuseppe’s food is all about the ingredients. ‘My culinary philosophy is focused around using local produce,’ he says. ‘I take authentic aromas and flavours and always make sure they are included in my dishes, ensuring everything is of the highest freshness and quality.’ He is a staunch supporter of the organic movement and believes it is full of flavour, authenticity and quality. ‘I also try to save energy, use less water and recycle whenever I can in the restaurant,’ he adds.

When it comes to developing new recipes, Giuseppe always starts at the beginning. ‘I look for the perfect balance between traditional patterns and new ideas,’ he explains. ‘Inspiration can come from a trip, a memory, a taste or even a colour. Tradition is the starting point when developing any kind of new recipe. New techniques are always popular with the media and tend to intrigue our customers, and they’re very useful when trying to be consistent. But I will always feel strongly about traditional cooking methods.’ He’s also a big fan of slow-cooked meat, much of which can be found on the menu at Aroma.

Three things you should know

Giuseppe was one of six siblings in Calabria, and his father was a passionate cook.

As a passionate supporter of sustainable fish, Giuseppe removed all the tuna from his menu and now showcases lesser known species at Aroma.

While Giuseppe is dedicated to traditional flavours and local ingredients, he's not averse to implementing modern or abstract presentation and cooking techniques.