by Great Italian Chefs 17 October 2018

This northern land of the lakes is one of Italy's richest regions, with mountains to the north and rolling flatlands to the south. Get to know the food of Milan and the rest of Lombardy with our guides and follow our recipes for a taste of Lombardy at home.

Great Italian Chefs is a team of passionate food-lovers dedicated to bringing you the latest news, views and reviews from the gastronomic mecca that is Italy.

Great Italian Chefs is a team of food lovers dedicated to bringing you the latest news, views and reviews from the gastronomic mecca that is Italy. From Veneto and Lombardy in the north to Calabria and Sicily in the south, we celebrate the very best of this glorious cuisine and try to bring you a little bit of la dolce vita wherever you are.

Being one of Italy’s largest regions, Lombardy offers an incredible amount of things to see, do and taste. Stretching right up to the Swiss Alps in the north and the famous Po Valley to the south, it’s also home to the great lakes of Italy, most famously Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. Being a northern region, the food of Lombardy isn’t all tomatoes, basil and other Mediterranean stalwarts; instead, dishes here are rich, filling and luxurious, with meat and dairy at their core.

Lombardy’s capital Milan is known the world over for being a hub of fashion and design (not to mention the Duomo), while smaller destinations such as Bergamo and Brescia boast stunning architectural sights stepped in history. The combination of lakeside living, mountain ranges and rolling hills means this landlocked region has some incredible landscapes – and the lake’s beaches are just as popular as those on the coast.

Whether you’re looking to visit Lombardy and wondering what you’ll eat when you get there or just fancy trying your hand at some of the region’s traditional recipes, everything you need to become an expert in Lombardy is below.

Lombardy: the complete guide

Looking for a good grounding in the food and flavours of Lombardy? Read our extensive guide for a crash course in the cuisine.

Magnificent Milan

Lake Garda

This huge lake reaches into Trentino and Veneto, but its Lombardian shores is where some of the most interesting lakeside dishes can be found. Get to know a little bit more about this magnificent part of the region.

Flavours of Lombardy

Milan's masterchef

Of all the incredible chefs Italy has produced over the years, few can hold a candle to the late great Gualtiero Marchesi. Read more about the godfather of Italian cuisine's legacy.

Lombardy's filled pastas

Mostarda di frutta

It might sound unusual, but a small bowl of chopped fruits soaked in a mustard-spiked syrup provides the ultimate accompaniment to cheeses and cold cuts. Here's how to make this Lombardian classic from scratch.

Rice and grains

Something sweet?

Torrone di Cremona is one of Lombardy's most treasured sweet treats, protected by the EU and made to a traditional recipe. A type of nougat studded with candied fruit, it's the perfect way to finish any Italian meal.

The chefs of Lombardy

The Cerea brothers

Nadia Santini

Giancarlo Morelli

Andrea Berton

Sauro Ricci

Viviana Varese