Rice tagliatelle, red mullet, peppers and bottarga


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Gluten-free pasta

  • 300g of buckwheat flour
  • 100g of rice flour
  • 4 eggs
  • salt

Red mullet stock and fillets

To make the rice pasta, place the two types of flour on a work surface in a mound and create a well in the centre. Crack the eggs into the well, add a pinch of salt and, using your fingers, start to mix the eggs into the flours, gradually incorporating more flour as you mix. You should eventually have a smooth dough – add a little more rice flour if the dough starts sticking to the work surface
  • 300g of buckwheat flour
  • 100g of rice flour
  • 4 eggs
  • salt
Roll the dough into a ball and place into a bowl. Cover with a clean cloth and leave to rest for 30 minutes
Roll out the dough – but not too thinly – as gluten-free pasta dough tends to be more brittle than regular dough. Dust a work surface with more rice flour and cut the pasta into long tagliatelle strips
Simmer the small red mullets in 1.5l of water for 60 minutes over a very low heat and then blend into a purée using a food processor
In a small saucepan, add a little olive oil and sauté the mirepoix over a low heat until fragrant. Take off the heat and set aside
  • extra virgin olive oil, as needed
  • 150g of mirepoix, (celery, carrot and onion mix)
Clean and cut 4 fillets from the large mullets and set aside. Wash the bones well, dry, and cook with a little olive oil in a medium saucepan. Stir in the mirepoix, garlic, white wine, tomato paste and mullet purée
Stir well and simmer the stock for a maximum of 50 minutes. Pass through a sieve and set the mixture aside
Cook the rice tagliatelle in salted boiling water for approximately 4 minutes until half-cooked, then drain
Pour a ladel of the mullet stock into a medium saucepan and then add the tagliatelle to finish cooking it over a medium heat
Slice the reserved red mullet fillets lengthways into strips
Place the tagliatelle on a plate and add the slices of the roasted pepper, the red mullet fillets and some fresh coriander. Drizzle over a spoonful of olive oil. Serve with a splash of apple cider vinegar, toasted almonds and grated bottarga
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