Smoked mackerel with tomato water and basil

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This starter from Lorenzo Cogo combines bright flavours of tomato and basil and seductively smoked mackerel. Freshness of the mackerel is imperative so make sure you purchase from a reputable fishmonger.

First published in 2015





  • 2 mackerel, filleted
  • salt

Tomato water



  • Smoking gun
  • Muslin cloth
  • Blender


For the tomato water, wash the tomatoes and blend with the basil and garlic in a food processor or blender
Transfer to a muslin bag and hang in the fridge for approximately 6 hours, with a jug underneath to catch the liquid. When strained, season the liquid to taste with soya sauce, fish sauce and salt
  • dark soy sauce
  • fish sauce
  • salt
Salt the fish on both sides and leave to marinate for 10 minutes. Wash off the salt and pat dry
  • 2 mackerel, filleted
  • salt
When the fillets are dry, lay on racks and smoke with a smoking gun. Leave covered for 30 minutes and then portion out the fish into small pieces and divide between serving bowls
Add the slices of fennel, tomato and pepper, followed by basil leaves and tomato water. Finish with dots of wasabi, lime zest, a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and salt flakes
First published in 2015

At just thirty-one years old, Lorenzo Cogo is the youngest Michelin-starred chef-owner in Italy. His creative, instinctive way of cooking has made him one of the most exciting figures in modern Italian cuisine.

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