Le Colonne has a long history of excellent southern Italian cooking. Head chef Rosanna Marziale is fiercely proud of her local ingredients and has crafted a menu that puts them firmly centre-stage in a variety of original and imaginative dishes.
7 Viale Giulio Douhet

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    7 Viale Giulio Douhet , , Italy, Caserta, 81100
    +39 0823 467494
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    Le Colonne is located in the town of Caserta in the region of Campania. Although the town has a thriving agricultural industry it is best known for the spectacular Palace of Caserta, a former royal residence for the Bourbon kings of Naples and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Built by chef Rosanna Marziale’s father in the 1950s, Le Colonne has stayed in the family ever since, with Rosana becoming head chef in 1998. Through her guidance the restaurant's reputation has steadily grown and was awarded its first Michelin star in 2013.

    Regarded as a fine example of the new southern Italian cuisine, the menu at Le Colonne showcases some of very best southern Italian ingredients, including: lemons of Sorrento, San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. Rosanna is passionate about bringing the ingredients from her region to her customers’ plates and is even an ambassador for mozzarella di bufala, her most beloved ingredient of all. Affectionately known in Italy as ‘The Queen of Mozzarella’, her menu features many new and imaginative ways of using this pearly white cheese, such as the ‘Inside out pizza’ where mozzarella is used as the pizza base, and her famous Mozzarella cheesecake with raspberry sauce, where ricotta is replaced by mozzarella to make an extra rich and luxurious desert.

    The dining tables of Le Colonne have played host to some of the top names in politics and entertainment. This is partly due to the restaurant’s close proximity to the palace, but also because Rosanna is fast becoming one of Italy’s most popular celebrity chefs. Visitors to Le Colonne are led into a grand dining room featuring elegant chandeliers, beautiful paintings and Trompe-l'œil on the walls and ceilings. Once seated, guests can explore the restaurant’s incredibly diverse menu which features over forty dishes, as well as a reasonably priced tasting menu.

    Three things you should know
    Le Colonne can be reached by train from the city of Naples. From Napoli Centrale look for the MetroCampania NordEst, which will take you on the 40 minute journey to Caserta.
    Rosanna’s tasting menu features many creative dishes, with one even including an audio element in order to create an ambience that complements the dish.
    Le Colonne also has a country restaurant called St Bartholomew, where Rosanna and the team manage and organise celebrations. In the summer the restaurant is very busy and regularly caters for weddings twice a week.
    Le Colonne
    7 Viale Giulio Douhet , , Italy, Caserta, 81100
    +39 0823 467494
    Restaurant reservations