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Restaurants in Campania

Restaurants in Campania


There’s plenty to discover in Campania. You’ll find extraordinary produce growing in the Campania terrain: the great sauce tomatoes (San Marzano), salad tomatoes (Torre del Greco), potatoes, cauliflower, sweet peppers, onions, artichokes, aubergines, peas, fava beans, broccoli and escarole. You’ll find clever and delicious calzone (stuffed, fried or baked dough); every kind of pizza; mozzarella in carozza (a fried mozzarella sandwich); and every sort of fritter, panzerotti and pizzelle. Broadly speaking the food of Campania isn’t a regional cuisine, but one of a kingdom – the ancient realm of Naples. It’s a cuisine that has combined Byzantine, Greek, Roman, Arabian, Norman, French, Spanish and even Australian elements to make one that’s decisively Campanian – vital and vivacious.

This collection contains restaurants showcasing the great variety of flavours and produce in Campania. If you visit the beautiful island of Capri – as Augustus, Tiberius and other Roman emperors would do frequently – luxury awaits in the form of L’Olivio and the stunning beach club restaurant Il Riccio. Tour the Amalfi coast and experience the wonderful scenic fine dining spots, including Torre del Saracino in Val Equense and Don Alfonso 1890, a stylish restaurant and hotel by the Iaccarino family. Even the suburbs of Naples are full of choices to eat; Taverna Estia in Brusciano is one of Campania’s two Michelin-starred treasures, and Quarto is home to Marianna Vitale’s Sud Restaurant. For something a little more niche, Rosanna Marziale – thought of by many as the queen of mozzarella – represents one of the region’s most iconic ingredients throughout the exciting menus at Le Colonne in Casera.

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