Restaurants in South Tyrol recipes

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Restaurants in South Tyrol recipes


South Tyrol is the northernmost region of Italy. It is bordered by Austria and flanked on all sides by the Alps giving its culture – and its cuisine – a distinctly alpine flavour, with over half of the population speaking Austrian German as their first language. South Tyrol is known particularly for producing superb wine, in addition to the unique blend of the alpine and Italian found in its regional dishes: canederli alla Tirolese (an Italian version of traditional boiled dumplings or knödel), strudel with apples from the region’s numerous orchards and Speck Alto Adige (a form of juniper smoked prosciutto with PGI status). South Tyrol has, for a long time, held the most Michelin stars of any region in Italy making it a wonderful foodie destination to visit – enjoy rustic, alpine-influenced fare by day and exquisite Michelin star dining by night.

This collection aims to highlight some of the best restaurants in South Tyrol. St. Hubertus, the restaurant of an exclusive mountain retreat headed up by Norbert Niederkofler, serves up menus inspired by ingredients from the surrounding mountains, adding a formidable two Michelin stars to the region's already impressive total.

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Set against the dramatic backdrop of the peaks of the Dolomites within the region of Alta Badia, restaurant St. Hubertus is where Michelin stars meet the magic of the Alps.
20 Strada Micurà De Ru, San Cassiano, Bolzano
by Norbert Niederkofler

St. Hubertus

Terra is the Michelin-starred restaurant by acclaimed Italian chef Heinrich Schneider. Housed in the mountainside hotel Auener Hof, it provides guests with an immersive dining experience like no other, showcasing the wild flavours of South Tyrol.
21 Frazione Prati, Sarentino BZ, Italy, 39058
by Heinrich Schneider

Terra (Auener Hof)

Situated in Hotel Ciasa Salares in the heart of the Dolomites in northeastern Italy, La Siriola provides guests with a unique dining experience designed to encapsulate the culinary vision of Matteo Metullio – one of Italy’s most exciting Michelin-starred chefs.
31 Via Pre De Vi, Loc. Armentarola, San Cassiano, 39030
by Matteo Metullio

La Siriola