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How to hold a knife

19 August 2016

How to hold a knife

Regardless of the type of knife you are using the method of holding a knife is the same. It is known as a ‘pinch grip’ and is the safest, most efficient and most effective way to use a knife.

To hold the knife, grip it by placing your thumb and forefinger around the base of the blade in a pinching position
Wrap the other 3 fingers around the handle of the knife
To cut, centre the knife in the middle of the chopping board and begin to create a rocking motion, up and over, using the whole length of the knife
Use your other hand to make a claw shape, you will use this as a guide for your knife
Place the claw over the food you wish to cut, being sure to keep your fingertips tucked underneath away from the blade
When cutting the food, rather than pushing it toward the knife, run you fingers over it, using your thumb for support
Sit the knife alongside your fingers and begin to slice all the way through the food, using the whole length of the knife

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