Cuttlefish salad with plum tomatoes and snow peas


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Cuttlefish salad

To serve

To begin, blend the plum tomatoes to a smooth consistency in a food processor and pass through a fine sieve into a saucepan
Add the garlic to the pan and, over a medium heat, gently bring the tomato mixture up to 65°C. Season with salt, then whisk in a little extra virgin olive oil to taste
Meanwhile, remove the tentacles from the cuttlefish by pulling them away from the body. Remove the beak, entrails and ink sac and discard, reserving only the tentacles and body
Thinly slice the cuttlefish into julienne and slice the snow peas into long strips. Sauté them together in a clean pan with a little olive oil and a sprig of wild fennel, seasoning with salt
Bring a pan of water to the boil and blanch the cherry plum tomatoes for 1 minute. Carefully pull back the skin to look like a petal
To serve, pour the plum tomato purée into the centre of each bowl. Place the snow peas in the centre and top with the cuttlefish. Garnish with a plum cherry tomato petal and wild fennel to finish
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