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Restaurants in Tuscany

Restaurants in Tuscany


Tuscany, birthplace of the Renaissance, is a region known for so much: art, architecture, music, science, rolling hills and world-class wine. Increasingly it is also becoming known for its food, thanks to a number of superb chefs putting an innovative spin on Tuscan cuisine.

The food of Tuscany is sober, elegant and well-balanced – it perfectly reflects the landscape of the region. Authentic Tuscan cuisine has roots in peasant food, with ingredients grown and foraged from the land playing an important part; wild mushrooms, truffles, aromatic herbs and extraordinary vegetables are all widely available throughout the Tuscan countryside, alongside the region’s famous red wine.

This collection features some of the best restaurants in Tuscany. For Michelin star dining in Florence look no further than Marco Stabile’s Ora d’Aria, serving up modern interpretations of classic Tuscan dishes. Gaetano Trovato’s superb Arnolfo restaurant is located in the picturesque Tuscan hills of Colle val D'Elsa, while Igles Corelli’s Ristorante Atman – sitting between the historic town of Pistoia and Florence in a magnificent countryside villa – has equally glorious views overlooking the great landscapes of the region.

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