Tallutzas with prawn sauce and wedge clams


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  • 400g of durum wheat flour
  • 192g of water
  • 10g of yeast

Wedge clams


To serve

To begin, make the tallutzas. Mix the flour with water and yeast and knead for at least 20 minutes. Roll out the dough to about 1mm and cut out circles with a 3cm cutter. Set aside while you prepare the remaining elements
  • 400g of durum wheat flour
  • 192g of water
  • 10g of yeast
Heat a pan over a medium heat and add a dash of oil. Add the chopped garlic and parsley then add the clams and place a lid on the pan. Cook until the clams have opened, then pour the liquid from the pan through a sheet of muslin into a bowl
Pick the meat from the shells and season with oil, salt and pepper
Dice the prawn tails and marinate in olive oil, the lemon zest, salt and pepper
Cook the green beans in salted boiling water until tender, then transfer to iced water to stop the cooking process. Finely chop and set aside
Add a dash of oil to a pan and sauté the garlic and parsley until the garlic is soft. Add the reserved cooking liquid from the clams, plus a splash of shellfish stock, and taste - if it's a little too salty, add a splash of water
Cook the tallutzas in salted boiling water until al dente, then add to the pan with the garlic and parsley and gently stir to coat in the mixture until you have a nice creamy sauce
Remove from the heat and stir in the wedge clams, prawns and green beans. Sprinkle over the almonds and serve
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