Calzone di cipolla

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This Puglian calzone di cipolla recipe makes a great picnic snack or party dish, consisting of a rich onion, anchovy and olive filling encased in a classic bread dough.

First published in 2018

Calzone di cipolla is a traditional stuffed focaccia made using a local variety of white onions called sponsali. The shell is a classic bread dough, while the stuffing consists of onions, pitted olives – green or black – grated cheese, raisins and anchovies. The result is a sweet and savoury affair that is just irresistible.

The hearty nature of calzone di cipolla makes it perfect for a substantial snack or a picnic lunch. Like all breads, it is best eaten on the day you bake it.





  • 200ml of water
  • 12g of fresh yeast
  • 400g of plain flour
  • 100ml of dry white wine
  • 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, plus more as needed
  • 10g of fine sea salt


  • extra virgin olive oil, as needed
  • 5 anchovy fillets, (oil-packed)
  • 800g of white onion, peeled and thinly sliced
  • 30 pitted green olives, or black
  • 50g of raisins, soaked
  • 50g of Grana Padano, grated
  • fine sea salt, as needed
  • freshly ground black pepper, as needed


  • 28cm loose-bottomed tart tin


Start by making the dough, either by by hand or using a stand mixer with a hook attachment. Stir the yeast into the water until completely dissolved. Place the flour in a large bowl (or in the bowl of your mixer). Add the water with the yeast in small increments, stirring all the while (or processing at a low speed). Next, pour in the wine and the oil and incorporate. Finally, add the salt
Knead the dough for 10 minutes, or until stretchy and smooth. Shape it into a ball, place it into a clean bowl, wrap in cling film and leave it to rise for 2 hours in a warm, dry place
Meanwhile, prepare the filling. Cover the bottom of a large skillet with olive oil and place it over a medium heat. When hot but not smoking, add the anchovies and stir to melt them into the oil. Next, add the sliced onions
Fry gently for 20 minutes, stirring often, until very soft and lightly golden. Season to taste, then add the olives, the drained and squeezed raisins and the grated cheese. Stir one more time to combine, then remove from the heat and set aside
Preheat the oven to 220°C/gas mark 8. Grease a 28cm tart tin and set aside
Dust a work surface with flour and divide the dough into two equal portions. Roll them out into two thin rounds using a rolling pin, then use one to line the tin, leaving some dough hanging over the edges
Top with the onion stuffing. Cover with the second round of dough, then fold and pinch the edges together to close the calzone. Drizzle the surface with olive oil
Bake for 30 minutes, or until golden and puffy all over. Remove from the heat and let it cool ever so slightly before serving

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